BSU Awards Ball

Join us in our annual BSU Awards Ball! This year’s theme is “A Night of Stars”. Help us celebrate an amazing year and recognize the people that put in so much work to help our BSU again reclaim the title of most outstanding. See you there.


Soul Cafe

5e25dfb1a59441c181819a14e1e4c915Join us this Sunday in our annual Soul Cafe! We’re bringing in the one and only Crystal Valentine this year for some award winning poetry so it’s an event you don’t want to me.



Thank You to everyone that came out and celebrated Kwanzaa with us. We had an amazing time! FStay tuned for our Black History Month events

Wisdom Of The Elders


Please come join BSU in our annual Wisdom Of The Elders meeting! Every year some of the most experienced, respected, and wise African American leaders from our campus come and share advice and some of their experiences that we can use in our own lives. Tuesday. 7pm. Room 227. Be there.